Wi-Corr® RBI

The wireless Risk-Based Inspection solution that maps the condition of your plant 24/7, so you can prevent failures and extend the life of your asset

Explosive atmosphere certifications

WirelessHART certified

Predictive analytics powered by AI

The complete solution for asset life extension

We believe in maximum efficiency and safety of operational assets through the use of intelligent sensor technology. We integrate our innovative easy-fit wireless products with proprietary software and algorithms to enable data-driven decision making.

We can help you save millions on planned and unplanned maintenance. Chemical plant operators and energy producers globally spend billions of dollars each year conducting laborious manual inspections of their assets. Despite these intrusive, costly efforts, failures can still occur causing regular shutdowns and unplanned maintenance.

The Wi-Corr® RBI solution provides a colour-coded real-time view of your asset, so you know exactly when and where to allocate resources and perform preventative repairs.

Our revolutionary technology is being deployed by multinational companies worldwide.

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Wi-Corr® is a 3-Sci Ltd. solution

3-Sci is a leader in the development of smart technologies to assist digitalisation and data-driven decision making. Our proprietary sensors, wireless products and analytics capabilities are the best solution for your business transformation

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