Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics for purposeful planning

Unplanned and emergency outages can be highly disruptive to the smooth operation of your plant. Avoid these costly disruptions with our Trend Software and Data platform with its integrated predictive analytics.

Powered by the high precision data from our Wi-Corr® monitoring products, our software analyses behaviours in asset health and looks for the earliest possible signs of failure. Predictive analytics combined with risk analysis and geospatial mapping are integrated into our products as standard, enabling sensor data to be transformed into actionable information.

Minimal user configuration is required as Trend software control and analysis package automatically receives our wireless network communications to recognise and control our sensors within minutes of installation.

Risk Based Inspection solution

Our integrated Risk Based Inspection (RBI) solution enables a data-driven approach to prioritising maintenance activity and assessment of maintenance performance. Wi-Corr® Trend RBI outputs can be easily integrated into existing maintenance programs with minimal disruption.

Data analytics and wireless network management of all our monitoring products are accessible through one easy-to-use software platform. Whether you are interested in detailed analysis or high-level summaries, Trend provides the tools needed.

Our Trend Software gives you full access to your data and includes a data export feature for integration with DCS and Big Data Systems.

Asset health at a glance

Keep on top of the health of your whole site with our Trend Software capabilities, designed in partnership with users.

Risk factors are indicated with an intuitive traffic light system for every Wi-Corr® sensor deployed, guiding you to the highest maintenance priorities. The map view provides a geospatial representation of your site at a glance, indicating the location and status of all equipment.

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