Vibration Monitoring and Analytics

For many machines, monitoring of vibration levels is required to adequately assess their health. 3-Sci’s Wi-Vibe product extends this well-established technique to incorporate the wireless transfer of vibration data over the WirelessHART network - the most secure, reliable, self-organising industrial wireless network available.

The Wi-Vibe hardware is built upon a high performance, affordable 3-axis accelerometer that is easily attached to machinery for accurate acceleration data. The integrated Trend Software and Data Platform uses the data to alert staff to deviations from good operational behaviour, as well as provide detailed reports from your assets.

Wireless vibration sensors

Artificial intelligence modelling

6+ years battery life

MEMS accelerometer technology

3-axis accelerometer

Descriptive and predictive analytics

Proven vibration evaluation

The Wi-Vibe hardware is built upon 3-axis ultra-low power, ultra-low noise MEMS accelerometer technology delivering high-end performance with an affordable price tag.

With the Trend Software and Data Platform, data is used in conjunction with vibration standards for wind turbines, hydro turbines, gas turbines and steam turbines, reciprocating machinery, etc., to evaluate the state of each machine based on the statistical analysis of historical data.

Alarm thresholds, provided by default or configured for a specific application, are used to alert you to anomalous behaviour and guide maintenance activities.

Rapid and reliable deployment

Wi-Vibe sensors are easy to install and reposition by attaching directly to machinery using the supplied magnetic mount, adhesive mount or using a ¼-28 stud. Units are autonomously powered and demonstrate a 6+ year battery life under normal operating conditions. Batteries can be replaced easily at any time on a live plant.

Vibration data is transmitted over the most secure, reliable, self-organising wireless network available, WirelessHART, proven in cluttered industrial environments. The Trend Software and Data Platform will automatically recognise new sensors on its connected networks for easy expansion and support for small or large scale deployments. Cellular and cloud networking can be provided if desired by the user.

Wi-Vibe AI

A further development for Wi-Vibe is the integration of Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning within the Trend Software and Data Platform. Upon installation, the Wi-Vibe AI creates a baseline model of the vibration behaviour under normal operating conditions without any need for human assistance. Then after a few days of data collection, the AI platform will assign a severity score to any vibration anomaly and will wirelessly transmit the data to the Trend Software and Data Platform and notify the operator.

In-house experts with first-hand knowledge of the plant can then further increase the effectiveness of the AI by viewing the anomalous vibration plots and by tagging those anomalous plots with a descriptive tag e.g. ‘rotor misalignment’ or ‘gear defects’. Anomalous vibration behaviour tagged in this way enhances the diagnostic and predictive capabilities of the Wi-Vibe system. The system therefore enables the transfer of knowledge from experienced technicians whilst enabling prompt detection of breakdowns and failures.

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