Field installation case history – Malaysia

Wi-Corr® CUI is a new wireless monitoring system. Through a self-organising network of permanently or temporarily installed wireless-enabled, sparsely-distributed sensors, accurate assessments can be made of corrosive environments in pipe or vessel insulations.

Recent deployments of Wi-Corr® CUI saw a system fitted to a Malaysian petrochemical facility. The Wi-Corr® system confirmed regions of high and low corrosivity and variations with time.

CUI Proximity Sensor Installation
CUI Proximity Sensor Installation
• Safe installation and subsequent operation.
• Installed without removal of cladding or insulation – no interruption to plant operation.
• Full system successfully installed within approximately 2 days.
• Thousands of measurements taken.
• Moisture ingress correlated with local rainfall.
• Moisture and condensation movement tracked.
• Moisture ingress sources located and repaired – continued dryness confirmed.
• Dashboards and heat map overviews developed in partnership with users.
Installed CUI Quanta sensor
RF repeater
RF repeater